Cancer Alley – Anti Durban Harbour Expansion

Durban - photoFACTS ON DURBAN HARBOUR EXPANSION:–  the displacement of thousands of households;- increased truck traffic in an area already plagued by high rates of road accidents; – even more polluting industries;

– increased carbon emissions and vulnerability to the effects of climate change; – loss of biodiversity and unique ecosystems

– the area of the old Durban airport happens to be one of the largest remaining home ranges of Pickersgill’s reed frog (Hyperolius pickersgilli), one of world’s rarest frogs and presumably the amphibian that so incenses the Transnet CEO; and

– a further threat to the few remaining and fragile estuarine habitats in the region, including mangrove forests, tidal flats and sandbanks, all of which are important to a number of endemic and migratory marine and bird species.




Wow! Didn’t realise that the entrance was going to be this wide!

Monday May 06, 2013, Fears for beach as drilling starts for new Durban harbour.Part of a roughly 2km stretch of coast along Isipingo beach could be the possible location for Transnet’s new dig-out port entrance.



South Durban residents and allies now campaigning against the port expansion and associated projects are dismayed and outraged at the manner in which stakeholder engagement for the Dug-out Port, the Back of Port Local Area plan and related projects has commenced.


Opposition to South Durban port: once again, communities oust council staff

Tonight, it was Clairwood’s turn, after Wentworth yesterday and Merebank

on Monday. Once again, just as at other meetings, the crowd of many

hundreds unanimously booed out the municipal officials.


Environmental Racism in Durban

For the government, Transnet and the eThekwini Municipality, the proposed expansion of the Durban harbour is a no-brainer: it’s an integral part of the national development strategy; it will promote trade, create jobs and bolster economic growth. The fact that people living in the area stand to be negatively impacted by the development is a minor inconvenience. They’re collateral damage in the path of progress


Residents to block Durban port plans

Durban – Umbilo residents have promised to block Durban’s multibillion-rand port expansion, saying they had not been consulted and the plans would benefit big business, not the poor.

What Sandy showed South Durban

Shockingly, EIA firms like Nemai Consultancy and Graham Muller Associates, hired by Transnet and the municipality, don’t even mention climate change within their thousands of pages of high-priced reports…

Soapbox: Gigaba’s pleasing infrastructure promises are soon to be broken in Durban

The indefatigable eco-justice activist Des D’Sa of the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) just won the Goldman Environmental Prize in San Francisco. It’s an extraordinary award, often described as the ecological Nobel…

At Transnet’s headquarters on the 49th floor of the old Carlton Centre in central Johannesburg, there will be shudders of fear as the news sinks in….


Extreme weather, even more extreme greenhouse gas emmissions becon climate activism 

Most harbours around the world are following suit, including in Durban where R250 billion is promised from national, provincial and municipal subsidies and loans for the port/petrochemical complex – the origin of South Durban’s status as most polluted African suburb south of Nigeria.


Africa’s Planned Growth Without the People

How and in what ways will it affect us, our jobs our homes, our children and our lives that residents of south Durban have built.


Durban Communities face harbour ‘creep’

Sometimes the trash includes faeces in plastic bags owing to the lack of proper sewerage systems in the area. Water surrounds some of these rubbish piles, creating pools for disease to breed in.Dogs wander around feeding off the refuse as drug dealers and sex workers walk the streets,  looking to make some money.


Fears over Port of Durban expansion plans

he will do all he can to address the concerns of people and businesses in the environment that will be affected


South Durban’s battle royal

Community refuses to be railroaded by Transnet and the government


Durban’s dig-out port expansion ‘likely to curtail jobs’

DURBAN’S dig-out port expansion will simply turn it into a bigger container depot and the promises of new jobs from the project will not be met…

HIP-HOP lyrics

© Jean


These are the children of Cancer Alley

Dream’n of a future everybody is strong

Poison everywhere in Cancer Alley

Try to move on in a world gone wrong


Walking these streets of the people I love

See the dreams of the ones who has suffered enough

Uprooted displaced – Polluted disgraced

See me – see my face – and forget about race

A human like you – I don’t know   what to do

For too long you did wrong com-on listen my song

A slave to the rich – so we die for his bitch

This hell – you can sell – not a damn but yourself

(yourself, yourself, not a damn but yourself)


These are the children of Cancer Alley

Dream’n of a future everybody is strong

Poison everywhere in Cancer Alley

Try to move on in a world gone wrong


Teacher make it fast – there’s a headache in this class

Living like a dog – health is out of luck

Cough around the clock – understand my mental block

Blame it on my cigarette – I smoke chimneys from my bed

All of us are weak and most of us are sick

For the angel of death moves without a sound

Pass the squalor downtown – you can feel him around

This hole – is unwhole – I’m fighting for my soul

(My soul, my soul, I’m fighting for my soul)

Who will pay the price come on boss-man tell me nice

My lungs my blood are a mess because of you

Toxic landfills chemicals and paper-mills

From my doorstep see the sewer spills

With your hand push the farmer from the land

You ban a fisher-man make a living and

Nothing is enough – wanting more – rotten to the core

All said – all I’ve got – is the right to do a job

(It’s hard so hard – never lose your job)


These are the children of Cancer Alley

Dream’n of a future everybody is strong

Poison everywhere in Cancer Alley

Try to move on in a world gone wrong


Trucks and bucks

Hookers and drugs

Second-rated jobs

And a lot of angry mobs


These are the children of Cancer Alley

Dream’n of a future everybody is strong

Poison everywhere in Cancer Alley

Try to move on in a world gone wrong