6D – Global warming & human health

Supporting article D: The effects of Global Warming on Human Health


The Effects and Consequences of Global Warming
Global warming has effects and consequences on all walks of life. The consequences of global warming can be seen in the atmosphere, weather as well as the health of individuals.

As it is obvious by its name, Global Warming is a global phenomenon with a number of effects on the global level. Global warming has various effects, ranging from the effects to the atmosphere to the economical, environmental as well as the health life of human beings.

There are also a number of effects to the nature and atmosphere. One of the most serious effects of Global Warming that humans have to think about are the effects on the health of individuals, nations and therefore civilizations. The rise in temperature due to Global Warming is known to be supportive to various viral diseases like the west nile virus and malaria. This will result in economic as well as health effects on human beings. For example, Global Warming will increase the incidence of such diseases in poorer countries where these diseases exist. Global Warming will also cause countries who have eradicated these diseases to spend more on vaccinations and other ways of eradication like pesticides, etc.

Other than these effects, Global Warming has other effects on the health of human beings. Global Warming results in a drastic rise in temperature. This rise in temperature will finally result in an increase in the mortality rate of people. A higher temperature causes problems to people with cardiovascular problems. In extreme cases, people are known to have died of heatstroke. People may also have heat exhaustion problems. Respiratory problems are also known to arise out of a high temperature.

High temperature also causes the concentration of ozone in the lower atmosphere.Ozone is a harmful pollutant and causes respiratory problems Ozone is also known to damage lung tissues and therefore cause more complications for people with asthma. These are some of the health effects of Global Warming.

Global Warming has many other effects other than the health of individuals. Global Warming may also cause a decline in agriculture due to the rise in temperature. The agriculture will also decline due to the role of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis. Carbon Dioxide prevents photorespiration and therefore is the cause of the damage of many crops. Global Warming also results in increased number and longer droughts. This will result in a increase in the ozone gas at the ground level. The increase of the ozone at the ground level will result in a substantial depletion of crops.

The increase in temperature will also cause various transport infrastructure like roads, bridges, ships to face greater temperature changes. Due to this, the maintainable costs of the transport infrastructure will increase. This may cause broken runways, malformed roads and sunken foundations.

Global Warming also results in a rise in the sea levels. Therefore, this will result in an increase of the costs of the coastal defense. This is also dangerous, because the most important trade ports are always at the coast of any area for trade reasons.

Global Warming will also have a effect on the daily weather. One of the most important effects is the increase in extreme temperatures. The levels of evaporation will also increase due to Global Warming.

Global Warming also effects the ecosystems. The effects of Global Warming have already been seen in birds. Other effects of global warming, like a decreased snow level, increased temperature and other weather changes will have a effect not only on humans but also entire ecosystems. These ecosystems will change and cause many traditional inhabitants to leave their inhabitants. This may cause extinction of species. Another Global Warming consequence is the decline of the ecosystem’s productivity. Decline of glaciers, known as glacier retreat is another Global Warming consequence. Decline of glaciers directly results in flash floods, landslides and glacial lake overflow.