Environment 5: Grade 02

Grade 2: Eco Curriculum


Availability of Resources
Differentiate between natural resources.

Life and Living

Life processes and Healthy Living::
Summery: Similar needs give raise to competition.
Compare functioning of human- and animal kingdom – competition should stay healthy so that sustainability in the long run can be maintained.

Interactions in Environments:
Summery: Identify resources that are good for humans to sustain life and should therefore be protected.
Distinguish between vegetables and fruit that you cultivate in your country and animals that you breed to secure a good variety of food stock.

Bio-diversity, Change and Continuity:
Summery: Identify the positive interaction between biotic and a-biotic elements.
Soil is a resource and should be protected. Without soil plants cannot grow and animals and humans not live. Soil originates from weathering rock – ways in which rock weathers. Volcano’s are molten rock.
The Plant Earth and Beyond

The Changing Earth:
Factors that contribute to the fertility or infertility of soil; the stability of the soil; and the colour and texture of soil.
LIFE ORIENTATION SPECIFIC THEME: Take care of your environment; take care of yourself
In the National Curriculum Framework no theory, but only practical application has been identified for this learning area.