5I – Harrison Ford & environment

Supporting article I: Harrison Ford speaks out on the environment and biodiversity


Harrison Ford says more should be done to save Earth
Friday, October 29, 2010
Posted by Corinne Heller at 05:05:10 PM PDT

Harrison Ford, who is the Vice Chairman of Conservation International, an organization that seeks to protect and conserve the Earth’s natural resources, says global leaders must do more to try and save the planet.

The 68-year-old Indiana Jones actor recently attended a Japan conference on the Convention on Biological Diversity, which is an international treaty to sustain the diversity of life on Earth.
“Biodiversity is the foundation of all life on Earth,” Ford wrote in a CNN.com column titled “We must act decisively to save our world”.

“Human societies cannot provide for themselves the essential services provided by nature and healthy ecosystems. Among them: A stable climate, clean air, fresh water, insect populations that pollinate our food crops, healthy soils, and sources of pharmaceuticals for human health. NATURE doesn’t need people. PEOPLE need nature.”
“I urge our global leaders to strongly support policies to protect at least 25 percent of Earth’s land mass and 15 percent of Earth’s oceans by 2020,” he said.