Environment 4: Grade 12

Grade 12: Eco Curriculum


E. People and their needs (Context: South Africa and the World)
■ Economic activities:
• response of people to environmental and socio-economic injustices linked to economic activities;•
• agriculture as an economic activity: special emphasis on southern Africa, food security, risks and vulnerability;
■ Water as a critical resource in South Africa:
• availability of water;
• distribution and supply of water to South African citizens;
• sustainable use and management of water.

Define the terms: population and a species
Explain what is meant by diversity and how the discovery of new species increases this biodiversity
Explain what is meant by extinction and that how this leads to a decrease in biodiversity
Differentiate between evolution and biological evolution
ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES (Local Environmental Issues)

Explain of the following concepts studied in Grades 10 and 11in a local environment
• Ecosystem
• Environment
• Biotic and abiotic components
• Interactions between the biotic and abiotic components such as  food chains, food webs and energy flow,
competition and predation

Explain extinction and loss of biodiversity (studied in Grades 10 and 11) as it relates to of local indigenous resources by focussing on:
• Threats to biodiversity
• Categories of organisms which are extinct or threatened with extinction
• Examples of South African organisms which are extinct or threatened with extinction
Review of the Red-data listing

South African resources
List  some South African natural resources
• Plants (Devil’s claw, rooibos, fynbos and African potato etc.)
• Animals (perlemoen, fish, game etc.)
• Minerals (coal, oil etc)
• Land

Exploitation of South African natural resources
Describe why exploitation of resources takes place

Describe the value of sustaining natural resources

Discuss the cause and effect of overexploitation and corrective management actions for each of  the following:

• Resources for Food:
o Exploitation of fish or perlemoen
o Exploitation of at least one other example in your local environment

• Resources for Medicinal Purposes (Western and Traditional):
Exploitation of any one resource such as Devil’s claw, Rooibos, Hoodia, African potato, or the Rhinoceros horn or any other example.