Eco Assignment 2 – Grade 03

Grade 3: Eco-assignments

Our world has become a safer place over the centuries as we learned how to safeguard ourselves from certain threats from the natural world. As humans we have proved our dominance over the natural world and altered it serve our purposes. We have tamed and domesticated animals; we have cultivated fruit, vegetables and grain to supply in our nutritional needs; and we have built houses and towns where we can move about safely; and we are still inventing countless machines and medicines. Indeed we have conquered the world.

We soon realised that land is not infinite and that it would best serve us if we dedicate land for certain purposes. First natural areas were cleared to be used for agriculture or for keeping live stock on. Then land was set aside to build a number of houses on and towns and cities developed. The people in the cities earned their keep by producing useful items, but once they started to produce these items in mass for huge amounts of people, factories were built. The smoke that was created by these factories was not good for the people in the town and therefore land outside the towns and cities were set aside for this. People were able to live very healthy lives as farmers supplied much food and new medicines were able to cure many ailments.

But as our population grew our footprint became bigger and our natural enemies fewer and as a result the natural world and its systems has started to suffer. The continued survival of many species of animals and birds, reptiles and bugs and even plants came under threat as their natural habitat was altered by humans who purposed it for agriculture, mining or industry. Adding to the threat of increasing habitat destruction, the technologies that humans have developed to exploit the resources of the earth was polluting the natural world. Waste products ware pumped into rivers and dams poisoning the fish, animals and birds that used to live there. The air was polluted with smoke from the many factories, motor car vehicles and power generating stations.

Now that we as human-kind have gained control over the natural world, we need to find ways to manage it with care so that degradation of the natural world will not happen. We are dependent on the natural world for survival. In the natural world resources are not limited and if the quality of those resources goes down we will eventually suffer too.

1) Name the different purposes for which land can be set aside.
• Explain why these different types of land-use are positioned where they are and how we as humans benefit from it.
• Mention how these are utilized by people in towns and cities.
2) Give examples of environmental neglect as a result of water air and land pollution.
3) Give examples of reduce, recycle and re-use and explain how it would benefit the natural world.


1) Name the national symbols of our country and how it could/should instil a sense of pride in us as it is representative of our people.
2) Explain how technological and medical advances contributed to improvements in the country’s economy and social structure.
3) Consider whether all of these achievements actually made life better for all people or could it only have benefited a small sector of society

Natural Sciences

1) Draw different types of food pyramids that include humans to depict our position in the cycle of life and our connection with nature.
2) Mention various ways in which land, water and air could be polluted and tell us how humans can suffer as a result. Stress the importance of clean resources.
3) Name other threatening conditions that could jeopardise the health of the environment such as the invasion of alien plant species and plant sickness. Explain their effects on the natural biodiversity.

Economic Management

1) One can save money by applying two of the 3 R’s (reduce and re-use). Give us some practical examples.
2) One could actually generate money by applying any of the 3 R’s (reduce and re-use and recycle) – tell us how.
3) Discuss how utilizing unwanted items could create some income for those in your family who are not officially employed.
4) Give a short explanation why generating energy by means of fuels is detrimental to the environment. List a number of alternative energy resources that one could use to generate energy such as solar and wind energy.


Make different size containers from various used materials (wood / plastic / metal) to be used for various purposes in and around the house.

Explain how you have managed to limit the amount of waste material that was previously generated in your house by focusing on:
1) Reducing – for example water usage; electrical usage, travel, paper, limiting disposable items, food and more
2) Re-using and repurposing – for example glass bottles, old clothes,  repairing to