Environment 2: Grade 10

Grade 10: Eco Curriculum

B. Atmosphere: weather and climate (Context: The World)
■ The atmosphere
• composition and structure of the atmosphere;
• heating of the atmosphere;
• the impact of weather systems on vegetation and human activities;
• impact of humans on the atmosphere and weather (e.g. the ozone issue, global warming, acid rain, the
greenhouse effect – use case studies from African states);

Breathing related diseases, disorders and allergies
Discuss the causes, prevention, symptoms and treatment of tuberculosis and any one other related disease, disorder or allergy, such as:
 asthma
 hay fever
 cancer of the respiratory system
 emphysema
Describe the impact of tuberculosis and  the chosen disease on the individual and on society
Describe the steps that should be taken when providing first aid for choking



Biosphere, biomes and ecosystems

Practical study of one ecosystem
Discuss the following abiotic components
 water
 light
 soil
 physiographic factors
 Conduct an investigation involving one or more of the abiotic components listed above

Interaction between biotic and abiotic components
Discuss the interaction between biotic and abiotic components in an ecosystem selected from one of the biomes in South Africa (e.g. effect of light/water, etc. on the growth of plants and activity of animals)



Biodiversity of plants and animals and their conservation

Provision of living and non living resources for humans
Define natural resources
Name the living and non-living resources in an ecosystem near you
Discuss ways that humans utilise these resources
Explain how humans can use these resources in a sustainable way
Investigate how some community uses living and non-living resources for cultural purposes
Threats to Biodiversity

What is meant by loss of biodiversity
List consequences of a loss in biodiversity

Threats to Energy Relationships
and continued provision of human
Discuss any two human activities that may lead to loss of biodiversity such as…
• Habitat Destruction
• Deforestation
• Silviculture/Commercial Forestry
• Poaching and Hunting
• Overfishing
• Traditional medicine/muti-trade
• Introduction of alien species
• Global warming
• Ozone depletion
• Commercial agriculture
• Ranching
• Pollution,
• Dune mining