Environment 2: Grade 01

Grade 1: Eco Curriculum



Basic needs – eat / breathe / drink / shelter
Resources to help meet these needs – food / air / water / various building materials (mud, straw, sticks, bricks, IBR sheeting…
Wants – extravagant toys, vehicles, clothes, …


Historical Interpretation
The learner will be able to interpret aspects of history by making comments on stories and experiences of the past and present.
E.g. interprets the changes in environment that took place as the country developed industrially.

Life and Living

Life processes and Healthy Living:
Summery: Animals and humans have similar needs.
Compare human body parts (and their function), human needs (eat/drink/breathe) and their homes with that of various animals.
LIFE ORIENTATION SPECIFIC THEME: Take care of your environment; take care of yourself

The Economic Cycle:
Summery: Understanding one’s role in looking after resources and goods.
• Identifies own personal role in home as a consumer and the roles of others as e.g. savers and buyers.
• Recognises that different advertising media influence personal needs and wants.
• Starts understanding that goods (clothes, food) and services (electricity, water) have a price.

Sustainable Growth & Development:
Summery: Keep in mind your responsibility to the environment in all your efforts.
• Name ways and the importance of using limited classroom materials without waste.
• Use artistic skills (drawing, cutting, measuring, pasting) to design and use environmentally friendly products that could be sold or exchanged in the community.

Technological processes and skills:
Summery: Realising responsibility towards the environment
• After choosing a suitable material or substance to make a simple product to satisfy a given need and making it, explain own feelings as to how it affects the environment.