Environment 1: Grade 08

Grade 8: Eco Curriculum


• Settlement:
• functions of cities
• settlement patterns (including internal structures of settlements and location patterns) in your country and elsewhere
• factors affecting settlement patterns, including:
 physical
 environmental
 social
 political and economic (e.g. the legacy
of colonialism and apartheid)
 rural depopulation
 affects of globalisation
• Natural resources (such as types of marine life, water, air, forests and soil) in your country and worldwide:
• how they are being used
• conservation and protection of resources (including wildlife)
• why conservation is necessary
• threats to conservation
• new opportunities to conserve resources such as community development, eco-tourism, ways to share resources sustainably

Technological processes and skills:
Summery: Design a product to fulfill a national need taking into account safety and environmental considerations.
• Investigate the background context, the nature of the need, the environmental situation, and the people concerned when given a problem, need or opportunity set in a nationally relevant context.
• List product and design specifications and constraints for a solution to an identified or given problem, need or opportunity based on most of the design key words listed below:
• Environment: where the product will be used or made, impact on the environment;
• Cost: cost of materials, wastage, cost of manufacture, maximum selling price.

Technology, society and the environment:
Summery: The role of values in considering methods of advancement and quality of life.
Impact of Technology
Express opinions about the positive and negative impacts of products of technology on the quality of people’s lives and the environment in which they live.