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Supporting article T: A ‘Call to Save the World’ from a renewable solar energy power company in South Africa


A Call to Save the World

We’ve Messed Up Our Environment

The scary tell-tale signs that we have messed up with our environment are clearly manifest. We don’t need anyone to tell us that we have polluted the environment blatantly when the rising sea levels (caused by melting of mountain ice caps) are there for all to see. And while environmental conservation and management is usually depicted as something we need to do for future generations, the true position is that we – ourselves – are actually already turning out to be the first victims of our abuse of the environment. Studies show high level of contamination in the air we breathe and in the water we drink, and environmental degradation could very easily be that which will cause the ‘end of the world’ people have always dreaded for millennia before us.

Barren and Hostile World for Generations to Come

We are know the specific things we have done to find ourselves in the predicament we find ourselves in. From depletion of the ozone layer which protects us from harmful rays from the sun to over-exploitation of our fish and fossil fuel resources to deforestation, we have clearly been on the self-destruct mode as far as taking care of our world is concerned. And if we keep up with the trends we have adopted, it is clear that thanks to our greed, we will be leaving a barren and hostile world for the generations to come after us.

Other People’s Problem? Think Again!

Now a problem that tends to rear up in discussion about the environment is that each of us tends to get a feeling that it is others ‘out there’ rather than ourselves who are to blame for environmental degradation. As far as global warming is concerned, for instance, we find comfort in blaming the factories for it, while conveniently forgetting that thanks to our consumerist culture, we are the consumers of the products that come out of the factories thus fueling the factories’ crazed exploitation of natural resources and their blatant pollution. We choose to blame the governments for the environmental degradation, while forgetting that it is we who continue to elect leaders who are not concerned about environmental issues. We choose to blame our neighbors for the tons of garbage they produce and dump, while conveniently forgetting the small bits of litter we throw anyhowly.

Yet we are not completely doomed!

Accept Responsibility for Your Actions

By accepting responsibility for the environmental mess we have caused, and taking proactive steps to rectify it, we stand a chance of savings ourselves and our descendants from the imminent danger staring at us. Granted, rectifying the problem we have already caused will not be easy. Neither will it be a short term project – indeed, it may be several generations before we have the wholesome pre-industrial environment our forefathers bequeathed us. But there is still hope, if you and I choose to act. Of course, we can choose to go on the path of least resistance, that is, doing nothing about the environmental degradation we have caused, and perish. Or instead, we can choose to make hard choices, change our way of thinking and acting, do away with the wasteful consumerist culture and the attendant blatant pollution – and thereby save ourselves and our descendants from the imminent ruin staring at the world if we continue the way we are.

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