Eco Newbies

‘Ecosystems for Newbies’, is a concise e-book introducing the natural environment as an integrated system in a way all of us can understand and relate to.

Environmental Education is included in the South African School Curriculum as a cross-curriculum subject. This e-book of 7 lessons also identifies and link the content with environmental education (EE) outcomes (Grade 1 to Grade 12) of the National School curriculum (e.g. Lesson 1 for Grade 11).

Reading through the e-book will enable learners and teachers from various learning areas (Biology / Geography / Science) to have a clear view of the interrelated functioning of the natural world.

A host of Supporting Articles (e.g. Lesson 1) sheds additional light on specific environmental issues. They also serve as practical examples and/or useful case studies from which applicable work-sheets may be developed in future.

You will also find Eco Assignments for the various learning areas (e.g. Lesson 1 for grade 11) that have environmental outcomes.


The structure of the website as well as the contents of the e-book, is built around the textbook, “Environmental Management” by Professor M.L. Hugo. It  is currently prescribed by various learning institutions. Sales details are available  on this website.

We believe this information will be useful as a solid ecolocigal foundation to especially young people (and their teachers) who have some tough environmental decisions waiting upon them in the very near future.