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(par ) 2019-09-24 Explainer – Why Phenology Is Key in Tracking Climate Change

(par 2019-09-17 ‘Religious Commitment’ to Coal Could Scuttle SA Economy

(par 5.2.3) 2019-08-30 Brace for Food Wars – Science Writer Issues Warning to World

(par 2019-09-19 Our Future Is Not Guaranteed – Ugandan Climate Warrior

(par 2019-09-26 Cape Town Teen Climate Activist Aykkha Melithafa Takes Drought to the UN

(par 2019-09-03 SAN Know Value of Trees in Food Security

(par 2019-09-08 How Buildings in Johannesburg Could Benefit From Green Roofs

(par 2019-09-13 AfDB’s Solar Project Aims At Making Africa a Renewable Power House

(par 2019-08-30 How to Solve the Water Crisis – the Real Answer Is Local

(par 2019-09-18 Nigeria Risks Epidemics As Vultures Go Extinct

(par 2019-09-17 Why the Global Red List Mislabels the Risk to Many Species

(par 7.3.5) 2019-09-10 Change Climate Change and Give Us, the Youth, a Future

(par 7.3.5) 2019-09-13 Carbon Capture Struggles to Accelerate in Race to Avert Climate Crash

(par 7.3.5) 2019-09-13 The Climate Decade Is Coming – Are You Ready

(par 7.3.5) 2019-09-19 5 Reasons to Join the Global Climate Strikes

(par 7.3.5) 2019-09-23 If We Burn, You Burn With Us

(par 8.4.2 (7)) 2019-09-02 Elephant Captivity Under the Spotlight At Upcoming Cape Conference

(par 8.4.3) 2019-09-06 Combatting Species Loss Using Nature

(par 8.5) 2019-09-25 Hunter-Gatherers Win UN Environment Prize

(par 8.7.1) 2019-09-03 Developing World Does Not Need the Patronising Eco-Colonialism of CITES

(par 2019-08-30 Africans Baulk At Poo-Based Cooking Gas

(par 2019-08-30 Ghana Will Shining in SDGs Implementation – – President Akufo-Addo

(par ) 2019-09-24 UN Climate Summit Exposes Struggle to Ditch Fossil-Fuel ‘Status Quo’

(par 2019-09-26 SA Failing to Control Air Pollution

(par 2019-09-23 Giraffes Are Facing Extinction, and It’s Heartbreaking

(par 2019-09-05 Locals Speak On GAI-USAID’s Land Project in Nimba

(par 2019-09-06 Damage to land feeds migration and conflict – UN official

(par 2019-09-04 Birdsong Returns to the Hills of Bemolanga

(par 2019-09-25 Investment in Agricultural Research Key to Offsetting Climate Change Impacts

(par 2019-09-09 Premier Ngirente – Collaboration Key to Conservation

(par 2019-09-10 Fisheries Workers Against Marine Phosphate Mining

(par 2019-09-17 Our Burning Planet – As the Sun Sets On Carbon, Mining Can Still Rise

(par 2019-09-08 Parliament Extends Timeframe for Fishing Rights in Twelve Commercial Fishing Sectors

(par 2019-09-25 Salvaging Ghana’s Artisanal Fisheries

(par 2019-08-24 Electric Taxis – a Welcome Drop in Nairobi’s Pool of Emissions

(par 2019-09-26 How to Finance the Green Transition

(par 2019-09-20 Heritage and Climate Row At Methodist Church in Durban