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(par 5.0) 2019-06-06 Livelihoods and Culture Under Threat in Ghana’s Historic Port of Jamestown

(par 2019-06-02 On the Brink – Some of the Species About to Be Lost Forever Due to Poaching and Loss of Habitat

(par – social ecologist) 2019-06-14 Tech Tool Aims to Predict Global Water Conflicts Before They Happen

(par 2019-06-18 South Africa Should Learn From Brazil About How to Tackle ‘Hidden Hunger

(par 2019-05-29 How We Found Out That Rat Poisons Are Killing Wildlife in Cape Town

(par 2019-06-15 Use Rabbit Urine to Repel Pests

(par 7.2.2) 2019-06-10 The Pangolin Trade Explained – Situation in Nigeria

(par 7.2) 2019-06-19 The Cape’s Plants Are Dying Out – and Local Authorities Need Citizens’ Help

(par 7.2) 2019-06-19 Tobacco Plant Approval Draws Criticism

(par 7.3.5) 2019-06-12 Uganda’s Rare Tree Climbing Lions and Endangered Primates Threatened By Climate Change

(par 7.3.5) 2019-06-13 SADC Records Lowest Rainfall in 38 Years

(par 7.3) 2019-06-13 Big Money, Big Cheating – Keeping Profits High and Hidden in the Gabonese Logging Industry

(par 7.3) 2019-06-20 Killing Elephants in Botswana Is a Vote-Catcher That Could Go Badly Wrong

(par 7.5) 2019-06-19 New Fund to Help Ease Access to Eco-Friendly Cooling Appliances, Systems

(par 2019-06-14 SA’s Parks Dominates Best Safari Parks 2019 List

(par 2019-06-18 1 in 3 People Globally Do Not Have Access to Safe Drinking Water – Unicef, WHO

(par 2019-06-13 Invest for the Future, Divest From Companies That Fuel the Climate Crisis

(par 2019-06-14 Global Warming – Is Solar Energy Best Way to Go

(par 2019-06-19 How Uganda Use of Farm Machines Feeds Kenya

(par 2019-06-02 Africa Biodiversity Endangered By Man and Climate Change

(par 2019-06-10 Saving Golden Monkeys Through Face Recognition

(par 7.3.4) 2019-05-25 Fighting for Biodiversity, One Plant At A Time

(par 9.2) 2019-06-10 Returnees Find Hope in Farm Support for Self Reliance

(par 9.5.4) 2019-06-08 Can Africa Tap Into ‘Debt-for-Nature’ Plan to Protect Its Forests

(par 2019-06-06 Recycle Not Burn Litter

(par 2019-06-10 Deadly Air – Ramaphosa Named in Multi-Billion-Rand Coal Pollution Court Case

(par 2019-06-06 Poaching Threatens to Wipe Out Green Turtles in Lamu

(par ) 2019-06-06 Cut Fishing Subsidies and Save Marine Life, Says Trade Talks Chief

(par 2019-06-08 It Is Time to Control Fishing On the High Seas to Protect the Life of the Ocean and Coastal People Who Depend On It

(par 2019-05-31 More Investments in Smallholders Needed to Address Food Insecurity