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Econatics (eco system fanatics) is the project of a group of environmental enthusiasts. Click here to see more about the econatics team.

We see ourselves as one of many other “Eco-warriors”, who use their knowledge and passion to promote the preservation of our precious natural world. As musicians our ambition is to win people over to the cause of the environment by means of song and dance.  We believe that the opportunity exists for many artists and ‘would be’ artists to become involved in promoting environmental awareness. To this end we have written / composed a variety of music with a strong environmental message that we would like to avail to this cause.

About the ECONATICS site:

About us: As environmentalists with a sound academic foundation, we believe we can counteract the imminent ecological disaster successfully by encouraging environmentally respon sible behaviour… read more

Useful links give you access to relevant environmental websites providing fresh up-to-date information… read more

Eco Champions are those organizations that go out of their way to ensure the continued health and survival of our natural assets and resources. To learn more or become involved… read more

This manual, already in use by a large number of Universities and Technicons, interprets our resource base and the way in which we are either using or mismanaging our planet. It offers solutions for pragmatic ecological planning and the role of ethical considerations in striving to attain sustainable living. One can hardly believe that in this day and time, any educational institution can do without a book like this to bring this urgent message to our future leaders. We are privileged to get the book at a price of R375 directly from the author instead of the R500 that the retailers sell it for)!

Can anything still be done to secure the survival of our precious natural resources in Southern Africa – for our children to enjoy a healthy life?


believe so,


To this end we (as a non-commercial group) are helping to distribute a user friendly scientific manual Environmental Management: an ecological guide to sustainable living in SA,by Prof. ML Hugo. If interested you can  Order the Book, or contact us on hugoj@sabc.co.za..

This new website will increase the practical application and relevance of the textbook. Together, the manual and website will draw you right into the very heart of nature and it is guaranteed to change the way you think about your part in it forever.

Find regularly updated information of what is happening on the environmental front in Southern Africa and the World TODAY under the top bar button, weekly NEWS. These environmental articles are brought into the context of the Text Book under SUPPLIMENTARY INFO.

We also make available 7 FREE introductory lessons (called ECOSYSTEMS for NEWBIES) for beginners that have not had specialized training/education to prepare them for further studies in the environmental field. It supports the National School Curriculum (see full details below).

You can share our own passion for nature by talkig to us on

We greatly welcome poetry and music with an environmental message.

Enjoy the site

Leon & Jean Hugo

This book is a must for those who are serious about understanding the             environmental challenges we are facing.

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Ecosystems for Newbies introduces the environment as an interrelated system in a way all of us can understand and relate… read more

* Lesson 1: The human element – How did we lose touch with nature..? read more ‘

* Lesson 2: Land, water, air – pollution everywhere… read more

* Lesson 3: Living in harmony – turning cities from grey to green… read more

* Lesson 4: Elements supporting life – Earth, water, wind, fire and more… read more

* Lesson 5: Life on earth – in all its different forms, colours, shapes, sizes and texture… read more

* Lesson 6: Cycles and energy flow – Keeping everything on the go… read more

* Lesson 7: Sustainable living – Holding all of it together for generations to come… read more

For a more detailed summary of the website and the textbook, see the table below or open the link to the full brochure http://www.econatics.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/evnvironmental-management-brochure.pdf .

For additional information or to purchase the manual, please contact Jean Hugo at hugoj@sabc.co.za.