Supplementary INFO

wind energy

The aim with Supplementary INFO  is to enable visitors to the site to visualize and understand recent global and local environmental information in the right context.

Current information is featured under the button, Supplementary INFO. Where it is sorted under a specific chapter and paragraph of the scientific manual, Environmental Management. It will assist students of the environment and visitors to the site in finding relevant information on specific topics they are exploring.

Chapter 1: Meeting the challenge of human survival on earth

Chapter 2: Structure and composition of the Ecosphere

Chapter 3: The Dynamics of Ecosystem Functioning

Chapter 4: Classification and Organization of the Ecosphere

Chapter 5: Human Habitation of the Earth

Chapter 6: The Environment as a Resource

Chapter 7: Degradation of the Environment

Chapter 8: Environmental Conservation

Chapter 9: Managing our Natural Resources

Chapter 10: Evaluating the Environment and Development Projects.

Chapter 11: Perceptual and Ethical Considerations in Solving the Environmental Crisis