ECONATICS – connect with nature

We are connected not only to other human beings – but also to the environment that sustains us by supplying food and various types of raw materials for our many industries (textile; building; manufacturing; energy…). This connection is not merely a physical one, but it often evokes deep emotional responses which prove that there exist a strong bond between us and the natural world.
We would like to use this site as a platform to celebrate and promote our relationship with nature. Our future survival depends on the health of the natural world and on whether we manage to treat it with care. By means of the ECO-FORUM we encourage participation from anyone who has a concern for our natural world. We would like to open discussion via three main applications that we feel are important to successfully combat environmental neglect:
In the ECO-FUN section of the forum, we would like to hear how and where you enjoy and interact with nature. There are a host of outdoor activities (ECO-ACTIVITIES) listed on this site with links to venues where one could participate. We ourselves are keen hikers and therefore you will find additional information on HIKING on this site. In the ECO-ACTION section of the forum, we encourage the launching and/or participation in initiatives that would promote environmental awareness, whether it involve public demonstrations with banners and flags or letters of disapproval to authorities. Share it with us and many more may give their support in favour of your initiative. We do our part in environmental activism by spreading the message through our MUSIC.
By means of the ECO-WISE FORUM you will be able to participate by asking pertinent questions and by offering views and possible solutions to the quest for sustainable living. We explain the role that humankind play in the vast world of atoms, elements, micro-organisms, bigger plants and animals in a seven-part series we call “UNDERSTANDING the FUNCTIONING of ECOSYSTEMS for NEWBIES.” It is supplemented with many supporting articles and we have listed the applicable environmental outcomes of the National School Curriculum for grade one to twelve. The scientific manual, “ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT” by Prof. M.L. Hugo is also available from us.