If we have learned something from the recent political debacle, it is that we ourselves, by way of public participation in environmental issues, need to come to the front if we are to save our country from decision makers that have self-interest at heart.

However, in order for us to ensure a safe and productive (sustainable) future, we as ordinary people in Africa, and South Africa in particular, need to be in a position to act on government’s decisions by way of informed opinions. The reality is however that most of us do not fully comprehend the consequences of Government’s actions and we will, on this interactive forum, aim to address this.

By supplying regular posts we explore environmental challenges like global warming and water scarcity and how it impacts our country and continent. We will also offer alternatives to threatening undertakings such as nuclear energy generation, wildlife crime, allocation of mining rights in sensitive areas, and the continued expansion of fossil energy. The blog and the supporting textbook will place readers in a position to make a well-informed, balanced and sound decision before deciding for or against activities that will impact on your wellbeing and that of your children.

For too long have we paid lip-service to conservation and trusted the authorities to act in our interest. NOW is the time for you as part of the “silent majority”, to participate actively, or “forever keep your peace”.