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Modern man owes our children an apology

If given a choice would a child decide to live in a dirty and harmful place? Should we not all strive for clean and healthy living conditions for all – a safe and prosperous life for our children?

Modern man owes nature an apology

As we continue to exploit and poison the substance of a fragile life support system we make ourselves believe we are detached – removed – free and liberated from earth’s natural limitations. We the modern hunters and gatherers tap into deposits of the past and scar forever the face that was. We raid night and day in search of more and more and more to feed the insatiable desires of our loaded appetites.

Modern man owes his fellow creatures an apology

Are we not all interrelated stitches in the “web of life” where everything is related? Communities, species, populations, organisms – with organs and tissues made up of cells, and atoms … all are interconnected. If one element is harmed, the whole system suffers.

Modern man owes Gaia an apology

We are racing on the crest of the wave of prosperity to “subdue and reign”; to extract as much as possible, as quickly as possible… and we fail to hear the suffering of the rest. Living dangerously on loaned capital – something is about to give. As we fill Gaia’s lungs with smelly black clouds so fast that she is unable to assimilate it, she coughs up acid rain. Her temperature is shooting up as we fill her cup with foreign substances. Her once vibrant health is fading – contaminated with weed killers and pesticides. Her once indelible garment has been traded for a cheap multicolored gown of plastic, litter and waste – like an ever-changing fashion parade she wears a new fabric every day. Call it self-sufficiency. Call it progress. Call it development. Call it what you like!

Modern man owes more than only an apology

Modern Man tries desperately to stay in full control. More dams – more irrigated fertilizer-enriched farmlands for even bigger cities. Industrial expansion – making more money to earn interest on interest … like a cancer…uncapped production forever gaining momentum. All we are waiting for now, is the downward spiral, where minus leads to minus – the ultimate collapse.

(Jean Hugo & Leon Hugo)

Can anything still be done to secure the survival of our precious natural resources in Southern Africa – for our children to enjoy a healthy life?

We believe so, Yes!

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As environmentalists with a sound academic foundation, we believe we can counteract the imminent ecological disaster successfully by encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour…